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A few clouds April 19,
No School
TOMORROW: 13°C Mainly sunny
April 21: School Day 2
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Nigel Lawrence
Nigel Lawrence is a favorite at clubs, colleges, festivals and food courts and now is at Rumors Comedy Club.
From the Land
In the early 50s, works by Inuit artists began to be sold in southern markets and since then artists from 3 successive generations have been creating unique artworks inspired by traditional life on the land, the natural and spirit world, lived experiences, stories and legends.
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The Adventures of Mr Potato Head
The MR POTATO HEAD character wants you to join his tater team for some fun,where you meet amazing creatures on a jungle safari, help repair the SPUD space station and search for life on the planet Neptato or explore the ocean with Jacques Coustato at the Children's museum.
A rural couple rent their farmhouse to a nice looking tenant, only to discover their well-loved home has been turned into a marijuana grow-op.

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