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Clear July 26,
No School
TOMORROW: 22°C Variably cloudy
July 28: School Day 4
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Modernist Traditions
Modernist Traditions 1900-1950 at the Winnipeg Art Gallery.
Renee Lamoureux
Live performance with singer/songwriter Renee Lamoureux of Canadian Duo Keith and Renee.
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The Academic Tradition in Europe and Canada
From Rome to Utrecht, European artists in the 17th and early 18th century created the emotionally charged work of the Baroque era,in reaction to the Protestant Reformation, the Roman Catholic Church strove to entice believers back to the fold with gripping and beautiful vignettes of biblical drama.
Simon King
In 2010 Simon recorded his first full length album, UNFAMOUS,in addition to being extremely well received critically, making numerous top ten lists, UNFAMOUS still enjoys regular airplay on numerous independent comedy stations throughout North America.

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