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Your Horoscope
You are more likely than not able to read others motives very clearly today. Go it alone if you have to today. There are very few in your life that will truly understand your passions, it simply means you have to act more independently that usual. Expect professional changes!
Today you will attract what you respect, but only if you represent what you absolutely respect in this world. What are your dreams' Do not let anyone talk you out of your direction forward. Allow for changes to happen for you with foreigners or those at a distance now.
How you represent yourself with your family and at home will reflect the type of people you will interact with daily. If you feel a bit off, it is because you are picking up others' feelings and energy now. Be more compassionate - they are reflecting their fears onto you now.
Walking your talk is paramount today. You are definitely tapped into the currents of what is going on for others and will most likely receive messages, or news, of future events. Communicate with your spouse or close relationships. They will help you see the truth!
You might feel slightly criticized about your financial situation today. Let others give you advice as it will most likely be what they need to hear too. Feelings will run high within your daily and work contacts. Take action that you stand behind only, you'll feel empowered.
There will be an emotional sensitivity to today. Others in your life will prove to create some interesting circumstances that will have you feeling slightly confused. Express your truth, no matter how challenging that will be. Stand by your words, you'll feel empowered!
There will be a need for you to stand your ground when it comes to your value and worth now. Realise you are not being criticized. The atmosphere of the day is everyone is picking up on others' feelings and worries. Remove others' fears by being confident for them.
You might feel like a lone wolf today. This is because others, friends, lovers, those you socialize with, are feeling slightly insecure. Be the guiding light for them now so that they are more able to release any worries they are carrying around. Communicate with passion now!
Those at home might not understand your work issues and this can create some confusion for you, or vice versa. You'll more than likely have to go it alone now. Do work in private and follow your path forward. Search deep in you for absolute truth and follow it now!
Your view and direction towards your goals will not be well received today. You will simply have to empower yourself into action, whether there are people backing you or not. More towards your dreams and soon you will have many others seeing you shining bright!
It will be a day when you will have to go it alone on a professional level. This should not be a problem for you as it will highlight your authority and wisdom. If others are not aware of your true potential, then allow them to see your true passions for helping them!
Those significant relationships, either business or romantic, in your life will most likely not see eye-to-eye with you now. It is just one of those days that will have you living your truth and your connection to the divine alone. Feel empowered, but within palpable reason.
Thought of the Day:
If today is your birthday, this year will prove to be just what you need in order to forge a stance and create greater stability and authority for you within your family and at home. If you are looking to buy a home, then this will be achieved this year. Allow for others to advise about your finances, you are more than able to create greater prosperity for yourself this year, it will help.
Celebrity Birthdays:
Joey Essex23
Josh Radnor39
Rachel Miner33

Horoscopes by Astrological forecasts by Larisa Maira Ozolins.

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